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Welcome to! I created this company after watching people I love adapt to and cope with chronic health conditions that required the use of a mobility device. It is disheartening to see the clinical, sterile-looking rehabilitative equipment on the market today despite major technological breakthroughs in design and development. So here at we want you to come and be inspired to live today to the fullest, learn about pertinent issues to daily life, support each other in an online community and to also find some humor in the “new normal,” whatever that may look like for each of you. This is also a resource for you crafty folks who want to trick-out or personalize mobility devices and accessories.

I have always said that when the time comes for needing a mobility device I want it to make a statement, to reflect my unique personality! I want everyone to say, “Wow! That is SO YOU” while forgetting all about my health concerns.

So friends, you are more than a medical condition, whether chronic or short-term. You are truly appreciated! Please browse around and let us know how we may serve you.