• A set of 2 SureTip Crutch & Cane Tips in Teal (multiple colors available). Innovative tread and rubber material give you a more sure footing even on wet surfaces
  • Universal fit on shafts from 3/4 Inch to 1 Inch. Ideal fit on shafts of 3/4 Inch to 7/8 Inch
  • Due to the universal sizing the hole looks small, but the premium grip rubber will flex to fit over your Crutch or Cane. Requires a bit of wiggling and twisting to get to that perfect fit
  • Safety: While these tips are stable and have great traction on many surfaces, slips can happen. Always test out new surfaces carefully to ensure grip. Use extra caution on wet, oily or smooth floors.
  • Coloration may look imperfect. See Picture of single tip for example of coloring. We are always working on our blends to make this better


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