Crutches (Pair) for Kids, Youth or Adult 1- Pair (Candy Apple Red)


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Product description

The perfect get well gift for someone with a broken leg, ankle or foot. Best crutches for kids and adults alike.

OrthoTape’s color crutches are designed with Epoxy Coated high-grade aluminum to make them strong and durable, but also lightweight.

The quick release handle adjust allows for speedy size adjustments.

To remove the handle grip, simply take off the top and slide grip off.

Strong rubber grips and tips.

Weight limit 250lbs.

** If you are looking for long-term crutches, we suggest you try our Walk Easy brand of crutches also listed here on Amazon. They are extra reinforced for those who need to have crutches long term. The price is higher as we had to use much even stronger materials to make them last for years.

**Full 6-month warranty, if for any reason you are not happy with your crutches. Please contact us right away and we will work with you to fix the issue. We want you to be happy!

Note: Aluminum crutches have many moving parts which is a great way to make them easy and fast to adjust. The downside to this, they may make more noise. Unlike the wooden crutches that were always permanently locked in place with long bolts and wing nuts. To make them noiseless, you can insert long pins and wing nuts to secure them in place permanently. If removing the handle to replace the handle with a different style. Simply drill a hole through the crutch so you can permanently secure the handle in place with a long bolt and wing nut. If you have any questions we are alway here to help.


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