Elegant Ladies’ Cane, Pretty Flowered Black Wooden Shaft, Fashionable, Designer Art


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  • UNIQUE DESIGN. Every walking cane by GC-Artis is a real piece of art created manually by artists. In designing this stylish walking cane, ancient traditional techniques and unique crafts are used in our family workshop. This handmade walking stick with black wooden shaft is made for true connoisseurs of beauty and art.
  • EXCLUSIVELY FROM GC-ARTIS. This stylish walking stick for women & ladies is designed exclusively by Ukrainian sculptor named V.Vovk and manufactured by experienced craftsmen in limited quantities. Looking for a unique accessory? GC-Artis fashionable canes walking sticks is ideal for partying or a cool photo shoot
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY. With this creative and highly artistic souvnear walking stick, we live up to our environmentally responsible beliefs. The entire manufacturing process of this elegant cane for women conforms to the principles of environmental protection: handwork, environmentally friendly materials and support of traditional crafts.
  • MAGNIFICENT FUNCTIONALITY. This is a luxury cane walking stick for women with black wooden shaft & a rubber tip. The walking stick can be separated into its 2 parts. So it is compact and portable walking stick. GC-Artis’ unique cane is an ideal gift idea for mother or grandmom and for old elderly people who like stylish accessories.
  • WALKING ACCESSORY FOR ART LOVERS. With your order of the fashionable designer art walking cane by GC-Artis, you are buying a high-quality handmade walking cane which is fully functional and reliable. The every detail this walking accessory is real fascinating and impressive!
  • SIZE: up to 36 inches in length (please ask me and I’ll short if for your desire)

    SUPPORTS: Up to 250 lbs


    SHAFT MATERIAL: Solid wood



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