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Have you had your floors or carpets damaged by dirty wheelchair tires? Has your wheelchair left embarrassing black marks on your friends floors? For centuries, people have kept their house clean by putting on their slippers when they come home. Now wheelchair users can put on their wheelchair slippers and keep their house clean. Our slippers cover the rear wheels of adult manual wheelchairs. Put on these wheelchair tire covers in seconds while you are still sitting in the wheelchair. Simply push them halfway onto the 24 inch tires, roll the chair and pull them up the rest of the way. It is as easy as putting on your socks. Slippers are machine washable. They are made of a soft artificial suede fabric that is gentle to the touch. The inside has a specially designed lining to grip to the wheelchair tire and prevent slippage. Slippers are sold in sets of two. This is a great gift ideas for wheelchair users, because many wheelchair users do not know that they exist. Many wheelchair users believe that dirt and black tire marks are an unpleasant fact of life for wheelchair users. This Christmas, surprise your loved one with a pair of wheelchair slippers. Or give yourself the gift of a cleaner and more sanitary house. For inside use only.

Not for electric wheelchair tires.

  • Avoid Tire Marks On Floors, Keeps Floors and Carpets Clean
  • Machine Washable
  • Goes On In Seconds Without Leaving Wheelchair
  • Special Inside Lining Grips Tire and Prevents Slipping
  • For Inside Use Only


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