• ENJOY RAINY DAYS TO THE FULLEST: Everyone loves having fun during the warm, sunny spring and summer days. What about rainy days though? If you think that sitting in front of your fireplace or your window is the only thing you can do when it is raining outside, you are wrong! Thanks to this top notch, waterproof wheelchair protective rain poncho you can make the most of every single day and remain perfectly protected no matter what the weather conditions are!
  • QUALITY, HEAVY DUTY 100% POLYESTER MADE TO LAST: Stop wasting your money on cheaply made wheelchair ponchos that get easily ripped! This must have rain cape is made of finest quality, heavy duty polyester that will keep you warm and dry. Slip it on, cover your hands, body and legs, put on the hood and secure the plastic snaps. Rain drops will never reach your clothes or body!
  • PREVENT ACCIDENTS AND ASSURE A CARE FREE STROLL: Uncomfortable, poorly designed wheelchair ponchos usually get tangled in the wheels. Apart from being very uncomfortable, this can even prove very dangerous! If you want to remain safe and enjoy a carefree stroll, this wheelchair rain protection poncho is exactly what you need. Its unique design allows it to keep your legs fully protected, without exposing you to danger.
  • SLIP IT ON WITHOUT ANY BODY MOVEMENT: The AdirMed wheelchair rainproof cape is designed so that you won’t need to put in any effort to get it on, just slip in your head and you are fully covered, it features a universal size that assures the perfect fit for both men and women. In addition, the striking, attention grabbing pink color is bound to impress
  • MAKE A GREAT PRESENT AND SHOW HOW MUCH YOU CARE: Apart from making this wheelchair waterproof poncho yours, you can also offer it as a gift to someone you love and put a big smile on their face. Show your beloved ones how much you care about them with a heart-warming gesture.


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